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570 10 Korsberga


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E-mail: info@klastorpet.se





We believe that honest and direct communication

puts a TM at ease. They read us humans very sensitively

so the words don’t really matter – our intentions and respect does.

We have learned to be relaxed but clear, one step ahead,

and never to fuss.





We have left pride and dignity far behind us ;) The dogs have more than enough of that, which leaves us humbly adjusting our self esteem to their selective hearing which clearly is a necessary skill for their meditation and mindfullness studies.



We strongly recommend loads of cuddling at all TM ages – especially in the puppy and youngster age. Pretend to clip the claws and to clean the ears even if you don’t need to. Don't praise - just teach the pup that relaxing in your arms is normal. Make brushing a sweet moment of caring. You’ll be proud and happy having done this the day you need to take a jumpy teenage TM to the vet, or the day you decide to have a go at a dog show, or those weeks you grown-up TM needs daily cleaning of the ears for some reason. Every TM needs someone they can trust 100%.



They are family members.



There are more beds for dogs in this house than for humans – naturally we wish to give a variation of choices to our 4-legged wool producers. The dogs run freely within the fenced yard area that is appr 8-9´ square meters, houses included.



They get daily walks in the surrounding nature, and long beauty naps under the apple tree. They are busy barking at deer, rabbits and foxes that sit on the other side of the fence and listen politely.



Our dogs sleep their nights indoors, often in our bedroom if they choose to, always after a good night kiss.

Rinchen Tinka Gangkar


Tinka was born 11th of December 2013 at kennel Gangkar, Slovakia. After a long search we found the kind of classic pedigree we'd been looking for. We are grateful to have been trusted with her: she travelled home with us at the age of 4 months. Tinka is a healthy and strong young lady of the authentic type. She is planned

to be mated winter 2016-17.

Bod Khyi Dom Ursa


Ursa was born 4th of January 2009 at kennel Bod Khyi, Sweden. She is a healthy and beautifully feminine lady of the authentic TM type and

a dear family member. Ursa came to live with us at the age of 6 years

and we are glad to be trusted to give her a relaxing Forest Home Retirement at Klastorpet.

Herman (R.I.P.)


Mimayin Chang Po Dom "Herman" was born 7th of January 2004 at kennel Mimayin, Sweden. He left us 2013 at the age of 9. Herman taught us everything about TM communication, wisdom and loyalty. He now guards us from the stars above.