Breeding plan 2016-17


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will be registered at the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), member of the FCI







Rinchen Tinka Gangkar



born 11 dec 2013

breeder: Martina Hudcovicova, kennel Gangkar, Slovakien

owners: Maija & Daniel Hjelm, kennel Klastorpet, Sweden


Hips A/A

Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear

Thyroid ok







Registered in the Swedish Kennel Club (member of FCI)



Tinka brings classical European lines to this mating:

well-known, well-considered, merited ancestors that make us confident of documented quality in her and her family.

Tinka’s structure and health are excellent; her exterior is correct with dignity.


Even if we are a tiny bit on the lazy side when it comes to traveling to dog shows, we are very happy with her results :

CAC, a reserve-CAC, CK, several “excellent”, a few “very good”. Her critics have always been positive and encouraging, both when it comes to her exterior and her temperament.

Living with her, we find her temperament an ideal combination of charming and self-assured.

She is positive, cuddly and playful, but has the independent and stubborn TM-way in her, too.

Tinka guards, but not for nothing.


Tinka had a great start in life with good education from lovely people and the older dogs at kennel Gangkar.

We fetched her from Slovakia to Sweden at 4 months age, by car, the brave little pup in our arms all the way home.

She has impressed us from the very beginning with a stable and secure mentality, as well as her lovely appearance.

She is all that we wished for which we thank her breeder Martina Hudcovicova for,

and we are also confident that Tinka will make a happy and caring mom.



Kailas Chilime



born 25 dec 2008

breeder: K.C. Mohan, Chilime, Nepal

owners: Linda Wilén-Veijalainen/ kennel Hanumila’s, Finland

Elena Suomela/ kennel Shang Yu’s, Finland


Hips A/A

Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear


100% Nepal import

Registered in Finnish Kennel Club (member of FCI)

Offspring registered in Finnish and Swedish Kennel Club (members of FCI)



Documentation of Mustang in Finnish breeding database:



Kailas Chilime “Mustang” is a true nomad TM from the mountains of Nepal area. He was born on a yak farm 4000 m above the sea, in the area of Chilime, close to the Tibetan border. Mustang was imported from Nepal to Finland at the age of 6 months.


He is today a grown-up and mature male with a lovely temperament and impressive expression. Mustang lives as a beloved family member at kennel Hanumila's in Finland. He shows a brave but friendly temperament just the way a TM is as it’s best, which has also been documented/filmed at shows and official mental tests in Finland. Do take a look at his test videos provided here among his pics and prepare to fall in love.


Mustang is registered in the Finnish Kennel Club: documented, tested and shown with good and balanced results. Documentation is available through the link above, "KoiraNet". Mustang is a healthy Tibetan Mastiff male with an agile and strong physical structure.


Mustang brings, not only to this mating but as we utterly wish to make possible, to the breed Tibetan Mastiff in the west, a good quality addition to the present gene pool available. Mustang has sired only one litter so far, which is very positive for the genetic variation in the breed. These puppies are 1,5 years now and reported to be in good health and temperament. In addition to the genetic aspect, we also find that his phenotype (physical appearance) completes well that of Tinka's, and vice versa.


We feel proud and grateful to be trusted with Kailas Chilime “Mustang” as a sire for a litter at kennel Klastorpet.