570 10 Korsberga


Tel: +46 (0)383-247121

E-mail: info@klastorpet.se




I wouldn’t describe us as ancient noble souls.


But we are not far behind the TM when it comes to stubbornness,

wandering off your own path and believing in our visions.



This is probably why we have found our peace of heart living

on an elderly farm called Klastorpet, deep in the forests of Småland,

southern Sweden, sharing our lives with Tibetan mastiffs, elks and owls.



consists of Maija 43, Daniel 43 and Leona 9. We have the nature on our doorstep, the wide night sky full of stars guarding over us and 9 km to the closest village. Our home is a mix of high speed fiber and slow-cook wood stove in a pleasant balance. Welcome!



Keeps the house up and running, as well as the various projects on the farm. He is a dog whisperer who grew up with the dogs at his aunt’s kennel (Samoyed, Akita Inu). Daniel clips the claws, reads the innermost of dogs and people instinctively, and is the relaxed and realistic

chieftain of the pack.



Leona is 9 years and has had a TM by her side all her life. She is a wise and tender friend and caretaker of our dogs, and they respect and obey her. They would never let anyone touch a hair on her head I’m sure. Leona is a cool street-dancer and schoolgirl, and knows all the secret paths in our forests to take a walk to the most beautiful spots.



Maija works with economy and has music in her heart. She is most at peace in the nature and longed for a dog long before our TM's. Maija reads pedigrees, genetics and show calendars. Maija trains “sit and stand”. She comes with the enthusiastic and idealistic visions. Since she’s never had other breeds she thinks TM is normal.