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Philosophy, goal and strategy

Our short human lives are a blink of an eye compared to the ancient history of the Tibetan Mastiff/Do Khyi.


We humbly realize a breeder's limitations, compared to the wisdom of nature, or the centuries of experience in nomad families in the countries of origin.


However, this very same old knowledge is our leading star and greatest motivation.

There is no reason to breed TM for the sake of short term human glory. To destroy nature´s long term plan can be surprisingly quickly done which leaves us with great responsibility.


We are now going into breeding since we seriously care about preserving the authentic nomad type TM for future generations. We realize this is not an easy quest.

At it’s best it will be a lifelong learning where things cannot be hurried.


Klastorpet’s priorities boil down to the simple but tricky classics:

1. genetic variation

2. agile movement and structure

3. stable and balanced guardian temperament

For us this means that we don’t repeat combinations, we avoid inbreeding, we don’t breed for maximum fur/size/title, we don’t mate a female before she turns three, we won’t have a litter every year. But when we have one, we are happy to keep a pup or two ourselves because we find the combination so terrific.


Kennel Klastorpet is FCI and SKK (Swedish Kennel Club) approved and we follow the breeder’s ethics and regulations set by these organizations.


Puppies from Kennel Klastorpet will be SKK registered, vet controlled, vaccinated and properly socialized.

We offer lifelong support and contact for our puppy buyers and are glad to keep in touch.


Besides our breeding goals (correct authentic type, structural working ability, stable mentality and genetic variation),

our main goal for each individual pup is a happy life in the arms of people who will understand and love them.

Planned litter

Kennel Klastorpet is planning for a litter in the winter 2016-17.

Details on the page "Breeding plan 2016"